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All treatments are tailored to suit an individual's needs. You may have an injury that needs addressing or you just want a relaxing, rejuvenating massage to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed; relieving aches and pains and muscle stiffness and increasing overall health and wellbeing.

Massage works by raising levels of Serotonin, (an anti-pain hormone) and lowering levels of Cortisol, the Stress hormone.

  • It improves circulation and stimulates nerves.
  • It improves the efficiency of the lymphatic system, thereby helping to release toxins from the body.
  • It increases the flexibility of the joints.
  • It relaxes and tones muscles and
  • Induces a feeling of well-being and physical and mental relaxation.

Indian Face Massage

Can often help with sinus problems and Headaches. Skin tone and facial puffiness is reduced. Fine lines are less visible. It is also a marvellously relaxing experience!

Sports, Remedial and Injury Massage

I use a very effective method of treating many types of muscle and joint pain, acute or chronic, on all parts of the body, which will usually result in early relief, with four sessions being the average number of sessions needed.

This is a whole body treatment and the principle is that a symptom in one part of the body can be caused by a problem elsewhere, for example that weak abdominal muscles can be the cause of some back problems.

Be prepared for an intense and thorough treatment. When someone has been in pain for some time the treatment can leave you feeling very tired and in need of rest afterwards.

Only pure and natural products (often organic) are used in all treatments.
Aromatherapy oils can be used to enhance the benefits of your treatment if you wish.

Gift Vouchers are available.

Marjorie Cook
S.R.N.; R.M.N.; Diploma in Sports, Remedial and Injury Massage, Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology and Swedish Massage. ITEC

Customer Testimonials

I suffered quite a severe back injury 25 years ago and have tried virtually every possible treatment with little success. Marjorie's unique form of therapy has been the only treatment which has enabled me to lead a pain free, normal active life. Her personalised approach is both sensitive and thoroughly professional. I can't recommend her highly enough.
Trevor, Newton Poppleford.

It was a wonderful massage with Marjorie, it was so relaxing, the peaceful atmosphere, beautiful room, gentle music and marjorie's gifted hands was such a treat. When I left I was walking on air.
Eileen, Nr Honiton

Marjorie Cook makes you feel at ease in the calm surroundings of her nicely decorated Sidmouth treatment room. Offering a drink before treatment, she will ask you whether you have had any problems with any of your limbs/back etc. You will be offered the choice of different fragrant oils, which are all wonderfully intoxicating in their own special way. Her style of massaging is gentle but firm. Every time I have had treatment there she has always been able to pinpoint and resolve the area of discomfort. She will also offer advice on how to carry and lift. As a consequence, I have now started using a rucksack as opposed to a handbag for day to day use as this distributes weight better. notice immediately what an impact the massage had had on my body, but realised over a period of time what good it had done me.
Sally,Chudleigh Knighton

I have had the benefit of Marjorie's treatment, via both Massage and reflexology , over a number of years and she has helped me greatly with a long term back problem, reducing pain and discomfort and enabling me to maintain an active and busy life.
Sam, Exeter

I had suffered a constant niggling pain in one side of my lower back for about 2 years when I heard about massage as something that may help. I was not really one for complimentary therapies at the time but Marjorie offered a deep tissue massage. After three sessions I no longer had that constant pain. The massage treatment had gradually done the trick. Marjorie was welcoming and the centre is clean and fresh. Marjorie also told me that she suspected I favoured one side when lifting things and that due to the pain when moving I tried to compensate it and this exacerbated the problem. Guess what. She was right. I now understand more about how my body works and whilst at times I get pain, after much awkward and heavy lifting, it does not persist as before. It would be a shame to continue to suffer in pain so don't be shy give it a try. Thanks for the treatment.
Will, Chudleigh Knighton

A truly Healing and Holistic massage, performed by a truly talented and knowledgable person, in wonderful surroundings. Out of this world experience that does wonders to the body and the whole day. Try!